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Beyond the Clinic:

Community-Centered Family Medicine


Under the patronage of His Excellency Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Abdulwahab Al-Awadhi


About the Conference

Aligning with Kuwait 2035 Vision: The Kuwait Association of Family Physicians and General Practitioners is committed to advancing sustainable development and enhancing quality of life in Kuwait. In support of the pivotal role of family medicine in realizing the Kuwait 2035 Vision, our conference is dedicated to:

  1. Sustainable Medical Practices: We aim to showcase sustainability in healthcare by:

    • Aligning with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.
    • Reducing waste and emissions associated with our event.
    • Promoting eco-friendly practices, such as minimizing paper and plastic use.
    • Incorporating reusable, technological, and biodegradable materials.
    • Educating on the environmental impact on health practices and changes in epidemiology

  2. Healthcare Infrastructure and Practice: The conference will discuss:

    • Sustainable healthcare infrastructure, including clean energy and resource management.
    • Implementing sustainable daily clinical practices.
    • Building sustainable clinics by learning from regional examples

  3. Enhancement of Scientific Research: Our platform promotes the latest scientific and medical research by:

    • Facilitating workshops on research methodology, from data collection to scientific publication.
    • Forming an advisory committee of experts to evaluate and reward research and quality improvement projects in primary healthcare.

  4. Networking and Collaboration: We provide a networking hub for:

    • Strengthening community partnerships in line with Kuwait 2035 goals.
    • Collaborating with science, medicine, education, and sustainability leaders.
    • Featuring esteemed speakers and collaboration with local groups like ‘Enviro Group’ for environmental awareness.

  5. Primary Healthcare Efficiency: The conference will focus on:

    • Educating medical staff on the latest in comprehensive and preventive care.
    • Promoting education in chronic disease management.
    • Offering professional development and training for healthcare providers.

Join us as we work towards a sustainable future, contribute to scientific advancement, and foster collaborations that resonate with Kuwait’s vision for a healthier society


Promoting sustainable development in alignment with the vision of 2035 and sustainable development goals by the United Nations while addressing the evolving challenges.


  1. Highlight the principles of sustainability within healthcare and encourage the adoption of environmentally friendly practices and resource management strategies in healthcare settings.
  2. Provide a platform for presenting and discussing new scientific and medical research, along sode with workshop on writing research papers
  3. Establish communication channels among local and regional healthcare entities to facilitate collaboration and partnership.
  4. Invite distinguished speakers from all GCC to enrich discussions and share best practices among our regions.
  5. Share the latest best practiced evidence based clinical knowledge.
  6. Address Current Challenges in Family Medicine, including social, scientific, professional, and psychological pressures. And Explore solutions and best practices to overcome these challenges.
  7. Enhance the physicians well-being by effectively addressing mental health challenges, while also offering opportunities for skill development, including the integration of new technological tools in healthcare.
  8. Encourage partnership building and collaboration among physicians, healthcare institutions, and other relevant entities to improve primary healthcare delivery.
  9. Promote Patient-Centered Care and Engagement in healthcare decision-making.
  10. Encourage and support scientific research in primary healthcare to develop new treatment methods and improve the quality of healthcare services provided.
  11. Offer various workshops that cover hands-on training and clinical skills related to the most relevant topics in primary care settings.


  • Family Medicine Consultants and Specialitst
  • Family Medicine Seniors
  • Family Medicine Residents
  • General Practitioners
  • All other doctors with interest in Family Medicine
  • Medical students
  • Physicians from all specialties

Conference CME Points

  • Conference Lectures: 24 Credit Points
  • POCUS Workshop: 4 Credit Points

Our Participants

Saudi Society of Family and Community Medicine

Wonca East Mediterranean

Qatar Family and Community Medicine Society

Bahrain Family Physicians Association

State University of New York Upstate Medical University

Oman Family Medicine Society

Professional Diploma in General Practice

Emirates Family Medicine Society

Enviro Group

Kuwait Family Medicine Residency Program


Chairman's Message

Dear Colleagues and Esteemed Guests,

As the Chairperson of the 2nd Kuwait International Family Medicine Conference, it is my privilege to welcome you to an event that perfectly combines healthcare and sustainability, guided by the visionary Kuwait 2035 plan.

Our association is deeply committed to the advancement of family medicine as a cornerstone for enhancing the quality of life in Kuwait. This conference is not just a gathering but a bold step forward in integrating sustainable practices within our healthcare systems, reflecting our dedication to the United Nations' sustainable development goals.

This year, our focus is on practical sustainability. We aim to reduce the environmental footprint of our event, advocate for reduced use of disposables in our practices, and educate on the crucial interplay between the environment and public health. Our sessions will explore innovations in creating sustainable healthcare infrastructures, such as utilizing clean energy and effective resource management. These discussions are essential for setting new standards in healthcare that align with ecological consciousness.

Moreover, we recognize the power of collaboration and networking in achieving our goals. This conference will serve as a dynamic hub for forming new partnerships and strengthening existing ones, aligning with Kuwait’s 2035 objectives. We are excited to feature a cadre of distinguished speakers, including specialists from the ‘Enviro Group’, who will illuminate the path toward environmental stewardship in medical practices.

We also place a strong emphasis on enhancing scientific research. Our workshops on research methodologies and the advisory committee’s role in evaluating significant projects reflect our commitment to supporting groundbreaking research that can be translated into better patient care and innovative practices.

Join us as we commit to transforming the landscape of family medicine, driving scientific advancement, and building a sustainable future. Let us work together to forge a path that leads to a healthier society, resonant with Kuwait’s visionary goals.

Thank you for your dedication to family medicine and your commitment to sustainable health practices. I look forward to welcoming you to an inspiring and transformative experience.

Warm Regards,

Dr. Mohammad Al-Azemi

Chairperson, Kuwait International Family Medicine Conference



Dr. Mohammad Alazemi

Conference Chairperson

Dr. Meshari Faleh Oudah

Chief Organizer

Counselling Committee

Organizing Committee


Dr. Noof AlObaidan


Dr. Abrar Alkhazi


Dr. Seham Alkhurainej


Dr. Hussain Faleh Thajeb

Scientific Committee


Dr. Maha Fahad Althafiri


Dr. Ameena Alawi


Dr. Asrar Alhussaini


Dr. Saleh Alshemmari


Dr. Mohammed Emran Dawoud

Media Committee


Dr. Ahmad Albusairi


Dr. Hamad Alsadeeqi


Dr. Bader Abdullah Taher


Dr. Yaqoub Alosaimi

Poster Evaluation Committee

Scientific Program

24 Credit Points



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